Swegway UK: A Close Look at the 7-Inch Hoverboard

The self-balancing scooter is more of an electrically powered board that allows the speed and direction controlled by the driver using touch-sensitive foot pedals. For instance, when you lean forward on the Swegway UK, the board will accelerate and if you leaning backward, it will slow down. You can turn the board by the amount of pressure applied to each foot pedal – when the driver put much pressure on one foot on the board, the board gets to turn. The tilt sensors incorporated into the board function as a balancing syste4m, that allows the driver maintain some form of balance whilst leaning forward and transiting at speed.

The 7-inch hoverboard is smaller, lighter and best suited to be used indoor compared to the 10-inch counterpart. Nonetheless, the 10-inch board is far superior when riding over difficult and complicated terrains such as grass as the inflatable rubber tires have a better grip and they are a lot more durable. This guide discusses the difference between the two boards and it further highlights which one you should opt for whilst considering your needs and requirement.

The 7-Inch self-balancing scooter has hard tires incorporated in it that measure about 6.5 inches in diameter. These tires, without doubt, are the best bet for riding over the smooth indoor surface and they can easily maneuver tight pivots and turns on the spot. This is an ideal choice for driver s that look forward to performing spins and tricks and the light board can easily be controlled and maneuvered. The tires can easily driver over grass but the board will not attain its maximum speed of 7 mph on rough or hard terrains and you will feel bumps while you are riding on such.

The battery life of the 7-inch board is excellent – you are expected to ride for about 4 to 5 hours when it is fully charged and you are expected to travel about 12 to 15 km. It is weighed at about 10kg, thus owing to its sturdiness and solid structure. On the other hand, if you intend on carrying your Swegway UK for extended periods, then we advise that you acquire a carry case for your board.