Louis Vuitton Bags on Sale Cheap: How to Tell If a Louis Vuitton Bag Is Authentic or a Fake

There are different techniques with which you can employ to spot a fake or authentic Louis Vuitton bag. The individuals that sell these fake products seem to be so careless with the details that they even leave clues for you to uncover that they are in the business of fake Louis Vuitton bags. These simple principles can be employed when purchasing from Louis Vuitton bags on sale cheap from sellers.

The Tag – This is among the things that you should pay close attention to, make sure the Louis Vuitton bag does not have a blue number printed on it. In addition, make sure there is no presence of the blue number on the bag. Retailers seem to ignore this and they leave these labels on, as they believe this will show some sort of authenticity for the bag. If perchance you stumble upon one of these, kindly steer away from the seller, retailer or store.

The Packaging – Other than the bag not having a printed number on the tag, there is an additional means with which you can tell if the bag you intend on buying is nothing but a fake or if it is an authentic piece. Loom out for the plastic used to design the handle. For new bag designs, there is a protective plastic around the handles, but most resale products are not. The plastic must not be present if a bag has been used or if it was for the exhibition. It is important for you to ensure that you are misled, Louis Vuitton wholesale does not exist anywhere. Ensure you are aware of where your seller or retailer gets their product from if the handles still have plastic on.

The Price – On one of the ways that you can identify if a buy is fake or not is by estimating its worth. It is very easy; all that is required is you having knowledge of if there is a fifty percent (50%) price reduction of the same bag at a Louis Vuitton retailer. LV does not sell and has never sold products in wholesale.