God has a Plan for You

In Jeremiah, God said that He has a plan for His people. It is a plan to prosper them, not to harm them. It is a plan that leads to their salvation.

It’s easy to think that we live lives that are purposeless. We’re kind of like pieces of plastic on a stormy sea. It’s anybody’s guess where we end up because the sea is very, very turbulent. The big lesson here that too many people walk away with is that life is essentially uncontrollable. This then begs the question of whether we really have much say in the world and whether we truly have any meaning in the world.

Well, just because you don’t have control over something doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s meaningless. Unfortunately, a lot of people quickly make this leap of logic. A lot of people automatically assume this implication.

You need to step back and ask yourself what you really think about your life. How do you see yourself in your life? What is your positioning there? Because if you see yourself as somebody who doesn’t really have much of a voice, it’s very easy for you to conclude that you truly don’t have much value.

Every single life has value to the Creator. He created us for a purpose. He created us for a reason.

The reason may not make sense to us as fallen human beings, but it makes a lot of sense to God because, ultimately, if you peel back the many layers of religious tradition, customs as well as cultural variations of those customs, the answer is unmistakable.

Your life is not about you. You were placed on this earth not for your own purposes and not to pursue your personal agendas. While you are free to do that because God gave all of us freedom of choice, He has something better for us and that better plan is ultimately about giving Him glory and honor. Regardless of what pain we go through, regardless of what challenges we face, it all comes back to whether we give Him glory or not because that is our purpose.

A lot of people rebel against this because it’s obviously not self-serving. We were not put on this earth to seek our own pleasure. We were not put on this earth to dominate others, to create billions of bucks, to lord over other people.

Instead, the typical life cycle of birth, growth, sickness and death only makes sense when we include God in the equation. When we make Him the center of the discussion, then it all makes sense because it’s all about His character, and that is the ultimate plan for you.

It may not seem much, but if you scrape beneath the surface, and you keep digging, you can’t help but be enriched because now things become possible because when you connect with that purpose, God’s grace flows through you, and everything becomes not just possible but probable. That’s how powerful God is.