Essential Heat Press Machine Buying Guide for Beginners

Whether you are a newcomer to heat printing and you’re on the search for your first heat press, adding a heat press to boost your business’ production, or replacing your existing press with a fresh model, require that you know what to look out for. From basic elements such as temperature, press type, and even pressure to inventions such as custom platens, this heat press machine buying guide will explain the features and functionality of the newest heat presses.

What Press Is Right For You?

The heat press style that is appropriate for you is dependent on what you will be printing with your heat press. The following is our suggestion for a heat press style depending on how you plan to use your machine. The clam press happens to be the most suitable option for custom printing at events. Numbers and letters take a bit more time to lay out, therefore, visibility of the layout space is very important. Being able to do adjustments without the heat close to your arms or in your face is also appropriate. The draw function will offer an opportunity for occasional event printing in tight quarters.

Considerations for Purchase

Once you have arrived at the decision on the heat press type that’s appropriate for your business, you will have to think about the features of particular models and makes on the market. The following are some things to think about when considering the heat press you will get.

A top quality heat press will surely cost more than less durable, cheap counterparts. A heat press has to withstand regular movement and clamping so top quality parts will ultimately function better.  Here are a few questions to ask;

  • Is the heat press frame made from steel or plastic? Steel is
  • Are there reviews?
  • How many welds (if any) are contained in the frame? Less is better
  • What warranties and guarantees are given to protect your purchase over time? Five years is the industry standard.