Best Heat Press Machine for Small Business

If you wish to engage in t-shirt business, it is a must to acquire a t-shirt press machine and a vinyl cutting machine. Fortunately, due to the recent advancement in technology, the best heat press machines used for small business can be used for numerous varieties of application aside from being used for the design of t-shirt. This opens a window of opportunities for artists and people in the business. Click here for a comprehensive review of heat presses.

Heat Press Machine Basics

A heat press is used for the printing of templates or designs from some variety of substrate onto clothing such as bags, t-shirts, hoodies, socks, etc., through the application of heat for a short period. It is ideal for the production of customized gifts or products. Another exciting feature is that units like the temperature and time can be quickly set to the right value using a computer interface.

Numerous varieties of substrates can be used, and this depends on your project’s needs. For instance heat transfer vinyl, heat transfer paper, embroidered patches or rhinestone. Heat presses are sometimes used together with a vinyl cutter or die-cutting machine. Vinyl cutter comes with software that is used imprint a design on a t-shirt via the heat press.


The PowerPress model is one of the widely used t-shirt press machines for starters.  This clamshell model heat press is suitable for most applications such as imprinting letters, designs, numbers, and patterns on varieties of fabrics like bags, a t-shirt, ceramic tiles, jigsaw puzzles etc.

Designed with robust features to last for a couple of years and can handle several fabrics in a short time after getting used to the task. In short, you will get the value for your money.

However, to choose the best heat press machine, it depends on your personal needs, goals, and preferences. One of the most important features is the temperature and the size of the plates. Some additional features are incorporated on heat presses, but they come at a higher price rate, but it is not strictly recommended for starters that are still getting acquainted with the heat press machine.