Lay Ecclesial Ministry Symposium

The National Symposium on Lay Ecclesial Ministry

A great number of church leaders working in Young Adult Ministry today fall into the category of "lay ecclesial ministers," that is those men and women not ordained but working in the professional ministry environment of the Catholic Church. WIth this in mind, NCYAMA was a proud collaborator on the 2011 National Symposium on Lay Ecclesial Ministry.

This Symposium took place in August 2011 at Saint John's School of Theology-Ministry in Collegeville, Minnesota. Hundreds of Catholic leaders from across the United States will participate, including those involved in young adult outreach and NCYAMA.

NCYAMA must be at the table for two important reasons:

1. The age of most lay ecclesial ministers is climbing - and attention must be paid to the morale and burnout of younger (under 40) ministry professionals.

2. Young Adult Ministry is a growing professional ministry in the Church - and those lay ministers involved in this field should be in dialogue with other church leaders.

Visit the official symposium website for additional information on the 2011 symposium, as well as the 2007 symposium.