What is NMYAMA all about?

Welcome to the online home of young Muslims all over the Turkey. This website seeks to be an online refuge for young adult Muslims of all backgrounds, so they can get the support and experience the community that they’re looking for. We understand that there are lots of stresses, pressures and challenges involved in growing up as a young Muslim. Growing up in the faith is not easy.

According to recent surveys, more and more Americans are describing themselves as atheist or agnostic. There is a tremendous sea change happening in people’s spiritual lives throughout the Turkey. We can only imagine the amount of pressure as well as risk of alienation this has on young people. We understand what you’re going through because we ourselves went through that.


The good news is you don’t have to face these issues alone. Don’t for a second think that you are unique. There are many other people who are going through your situation. Many people have stepped into your exact same shoes and are facing the identical problems as you.


The good news is you can network through our website so you don’t feel alone. You can get the nurturing, the support and the help that you need to maintain your faith and overcome faith challenges. We also go out of our way to provide a space for young Muslim inspiration.


It’s easy to look at our faith tradition as a ritual or as essentially another label that we apply to our lives. It’s tempting to think that our faith is basically just one of the many things that describe us. It’s not uncommon for people to define their faith because they’re supposed to believe.


As essentially something that involves going to a specific place at a particular time of the week, in this case, Sunday church services. It can easily all become a routine. It’s not uncommon for people to simply just go through the motions, especially when it comes to Communion and other sacraments.

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We know this full well because many of our staff members have been through this, but we’ve overcome because we allowed ourselves to be inspired by other people who refused to just believe in their belief system.

Instead, we made sense of Muslim not just in terms of rituals, dogma and some sort of religious bureaucratic reality, but we were able to make this personal. We were able to cut through the common difficulties a lot of people have with the church and its teachings to gain a very personal and intimate realization. This is why we are very big on inspiration because we’re all different people. We have distinct experiences. We look at the world in different ways.

Ultimately, it all boils down to a relationship with Jesus Christ. This is a living relationship, and this love and purity imbue and empower all the channels that Jesus uses, and included in this is the Turkish Muslim Mosque. We all bring with us the baggage of our past. We often have many different and often conflicting sets of circumstances.

NMYAMA Policies

We understand this, and this is why we are so excited about providing an online space where people can be inspired by each other’s stories. All of us have different experiences with Muslim growing up. 

Accordingly, this website really aims to be the premiere young Muslim resource on the Internet. You can find also the resources here that impact many different areas of your life. Whether you are looking for a job, whether you’re trying to find your meaning in the world, whether you are grappling with serious issues about faith or you’re dealing with sexuality-related challenges and many other topics, we touch on all of them. We have varied experiences sharing our faith or with others who may not be Muslim.

We leave no stone unturned because we know how complicated things are. We know the turbulence out there, and the last thing we feel that you need is some sort of sanitized place where you go and get the impression that the Muslim Mosque is really turning a blind eye to real issues out there.


Muslim is all about living out our faith. It’s all about being empowered by the love and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ to call us to good works. It’s one thing to say that we believe in Christ; it’s another to actually start looking and behaving like it.

Instead, we dig into the thorny and often complicated issues facing young adults. It would be nice if there was some sort of black-and-white answer, but we know how complicated it could be. We know how much gray area there is, and this is why you need to look through our resources to get the inside resources as well as to get the point of view that you need to weather these storms. We believe in charity. We believe in selflessness. We believe in compassion, and this is not simply a statement of belief. These are not just mere words.

When you look through the many resources here as well as the testimonials of young adults from all four corners of the Turkey, one picture emerges. This picture shows that Muslim is faith that works out its faith. In other words, we’re not about lip service here. We’re not about hierarchy.


It’s all about people actually rolling up their sleeves and caring for their less-fortunate brothers and sisters. We define real compassion as that point where you keep giving and giving until it hurts. You keep giving and giving although people may not appreciate it.


In fact, you keep giving and giving to people who may not be all that pleasant, but that only highlights the fact that God compels selflessness. We have to step away from our circle of concern involving just ourselves, our friends and our families. Understand that.


to please God by going past our comfort zone and letting Him work His love and grace in our lives so that we can do the things that we don’t normally want to do or things that we’d rather avoid as the Bible says, we can do all things through Christ, who empowers us.


Christ is the ultimate power source, and this Muslim resource website helps young adults get squared away with this reality so they can find the inspiration, power and compassion they need to truly work out their faith and make a difference in the world.


A Look at Dog Christmas Outfits for Your Dog

It is without a doubt that our pets play a very vital role in our family, in some case they are regarded as the family’s four-legged children. It actually makes sense to share the Yuletide season with your dog or perhaps your dogs. It is only right that they are adorned for the holiday spirit. Dog Christmas outfits can be readily found on the internet and there are various designs that you can choose from. Let us have a close look at some Christmas costumes for dogs.

An Elf

This is one of the most popular costumes for dogs. There are various designs, and even in the choices for the dog. There are solid red elf costumes or solid green elf costumes, and there are the elf costumes that are half green and half red more like the jester’s costume. The pointy little hat that comes with the costumes looks great on every doggie. If perchance, you are experiencing difficulty in finding an elf dog Christmas costume, then you can creatively make a Robin Hood costume work.


Santa is also another popular costume for dogs. It is without a doubt that when your pooch is in a Santa costume with the Santa hat and coat, he will be cute for the season. Santa costumes are readily available for the smallest dogs and large dogs. It is important you are aware of the fact that they are more like the cheapest dog Christmas costumes online.

Gingerbread Man

When you are looking for a costume for your dog, this is most likely not going to come to your mind, but it is without doubt very adorable. It is a pant and hoodie done as one piece and there is obviously the gingerbread face.

Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree dog costume offers lots of excitement and fun to the season and it is very easy to put in on for your dog. It is fashioned from ruffles that the tree layers and it slips over, in most cases the tree costumes are adorned with a bone.

Toy Soldier

This is the very common dog Christmas outfits, but it is one of the most distinct choices to make and it looks great on any dog breed and it can be found in a variety of sizes.

Cheap Lol Accounts for Sale: How They Improve Your Gameplay

The League of Legends happens to be one of the online multiplayer games that have continued to grow on the popularity charts on a consistent basis for the last few years. Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Game (MOBA), which was first introduced some eight years ago (2009). The game, designed by Riot Games, was designed for PC and Mac, however, the latter version was shut down afterward. The lol epic shop is where the most of the players of this game buy cheap lol accounts for sale.

Influence Points

The players use Influence Points as the major currency while playing League of Legends. The whole earning is based on a lot of factors that include the number of bots during the game, the summoner level as well as the game result. Players can use influence points, known as IPS, as well for buying in-game items, like runes and champions.

Riot Points

This happens to be an alternate currency given to the players, and it could be gotten with the assistance of credit/debit cards, PayPal, and prepaid Riot Point Game Cards.

Riot Points might be employed for unlocking champions, rune pages, and different types of boosts, however, they cannot be used for buying runes.


Runes usher in a type of personalization to the League of Legends. Users are allowed to promote an assortment of stats, like damage, movement speed, manna regeneration, health as well as a lot of other stats, thus letting them play without changing the champion, however in a unique way, based on available options for mastery and rune.


Players are given the option of picking from a large number of champions that continues to go up on every week.

The players need to make use of Influence Points or Riot Points to unlock the champions before using them. Nevertheless, each week several free champions are available for playing, thus offering summoners with a chance to test the champions before arriving at the decision to buy them.

Pokemon Go Accounts: Make the Most of Your Purchase with These Tips

With assistance from Google Maps, the Pokémon Go game litters Pokémon all over the city, allowing you to follow their activities and track them down. Once you get them, you could find them on your mobile phone’s screen, going around in the real world like your phone’s front camera were some odd portal into a fresh and intriguing world. When you purchase Pokemon Go accounts, all of the favorite characters from the show are available, and users are already getting hyped up about the notion of getting their very own Pikachu.

Permitting users to go around their hometowns on the lookout for their favorite characters, while getting in some quality exercise simultaneously, Pokémon GO game has been a huge success and will undoubtedly make way for extra AR games.

In the quest to make the game a bit more pragmatic, the Pokémon you would see in any particular area will vary, depending on the topography of your hometown. Live by the sea? Expect to discover a lot of aquatic Pokémon. You may discover a Zubat while climbing up a mountain. Therefore make sure that you are aware of what your destination has got to offer when you travel. You may discover something highly useful for back home, and when it is time for dealing between players, with Pokémon from far places could be a big asset.

You don’t have to worry, if you are in need of somebody that will help you to provide your account with a power level or you desire to get Pokemon Go accounts that are totally filled with scarce Pokémon and quality Combat Power, you can be able to buy a Pokémon GO account from Level 20 to Level 40, or even ask for a custom account designed just for you, with lots of StarDust and Candy to help you power up and improve your Pokemon.

Essential Heat Press Machine Buying Guide for Beginners

Whether you are a newcomer to heat printing and you’re on the search for your first heat press, adding a heat press to boost your business’ production, or replacing your existing press with a fresh model, require that you know what to look out for. From basic elements such as temperature, press type, and even pressure to inventions such as custom platens, this heat press machine buying guide will explain the features and functionality of the newest heat presses.

What Press Is Right For You?

The heat press style that is appropriate for you is dependent on what you will be printing with your heat press. The following is our suggestion for a heat press style depending on how you plan to use your machine. The clam press happens to be the most suitable option for custom printing at events. Numbers and letters take a bit more time to lay out, therefore, visibility of the layout space is very important. Being able to do adjustments without the heat close to your arms or in your face is also appropriate. The draw function will offer an opportunity for occasional event printing in tight quarters.

Considerations for Purchase

Once you have arrived at the decision on the heat press type that’s appropriate for your business, you will have to think about the features of particular models and makes on the market. The following are some things to think about when considering the heat press you will get.

A top quality heat press will surely cost more than less durable, cheap counterparts. A heat press has to withstand regular movement and clamping so top quality parts will ultimately function better.  Here are a few questions to ask;

  • Is the heat press frame made from steel or plastic? Steel is
  • Are there reviews?
  • How many welds (if any) are contained in the frame? Less is better
  • What warranties and guarantees are given to protect your purchase over time? Five years is the industry standard.

Garage Floor Epoxy Coatings – Why You Need To Use Them

Epoxy Floor coatings are durable thus making them long-term solutions for any type of surface. Such coatings offer a decorative versatility and ultimate protection to the floor. When compared to the basic concrete floors, the epoxy concrete floors need little maintenance and provide improved resistance to corrosion, cracks, and stains. Read the full article for a review of the most effective and efficient epoxy coatings.

Why use up a lot of your time cleaning, scrubbing or refinishing your garage when an epoxy coating is able to guard your garage against chipping and spilling of any type? It is the most pleasing, aesthetically and economical way to boost the beauty of a plain gray concrete garage floor thereby doing a lot of good for the appeal of your garage. There is certainly no reason that your garage should remain an unpleasant and dingy place. A seamless floor coating such as an epoxy limits the need to consistently make repairs and clean up the floor. In lieu of a complete remodeling, an epoxy coating if used on your concrete floor increases resiliency to stains and enhances your old ugly looking garage shielding small imperfections.

Epoxy coatings do a very good job, whether it is for floors or not. There are different kinds of epoxy coatings, each prepared for a specific type of application and treatment. Yet they all have some popular characteristics – very durable, high resistance to chemicals, low porosity, high bond strength, and other chemicals such as greases or oils cannot seep through them very easily. Irrespective of its characteristics, the paint must be used in a professional way to achieve the surprising results. You can expect better results with a better floor operation. The floor should be devoid of dirt, debris or dust. Unless the floor is very clean, the paint won’t deliver the expected results.

Examining the Possibilities of Locating a Mobile Phone for Free

There are different ways with which you can use apps to track others, depending on your needs. The most popular applications employed in tracking depend solely on GPS technology. The reason being that smartphones come with GPS compatibilities and they are omnipresent. In fact, a research study was conducted in January 2017 revealed that 77%b of the world’s population own a smartphone to localiser un portable gratuitement grade a son numero. Therefore, this is simply an issue of using the GPS technology that has been pre-installed on your smartphone. This is what makes them a popular choice for tracking – they are both universal and practical.

Whether you like it or not, it takes an extra level of protection to raise a child that comes from a generation of digitally savvy people, which is one of the reasons why parents are at the top of the list of people that use cell phone tracking.

For a certain percentage of parents, tracking is nothing more than monitoring a child with a medical condition that requires close supervision, while for others it is more about taking some extra level of precaution against those 21st-century threats being offered by technology to sexual offenders or perhaps sexual predators in general.

Let us face the facts, the social media profile of your kids is not as private as it claims to be, just so matters can be complicated, your kids are more aware of devices such as tablets, computers, and phones more than you do.

However, one thing is for sure, you are much aware of the dangers in the world than they are, thus making it your primary assignment to ensure their safety. Owing to the cat that they surpass you in the knowledge of the degrees of technology, it is your job to have them monitored on where they visit and who it is they talk to.

If you have the opportunity to ask a law enforcement officer how cell phones and social media have changed the way they do their jobs, most of them will share with you that the perception of privacy that technology offers to provide criminals with the courage they have.

Checklist of Gifts for Registry: Guide to Choosing Great Gifts

A gift registry is more like a list where the mother will have items selected, most especially items she would appreciate receiving. This checklist of gifts for registry can be accessed on the internet or it might require you visiting the store in person. Look out for gifts for baby that provides some form of value to both the child and the mother. For instance, gifts that contain more than one useful item or perhaps items whose use span for months. In addition, look out for gifts that contain toiletries, clothing, bottle set, and even hats. These items are usually of great value because the similar items are discounted when bought in the gift set.

Gift baskets can be bought while they have already being assembled. The assembling of gift baskets is by gathering items and shrinking them while being wrapped in colorful plastic at a local craft shop. Most gift givers lookout for items that are much more personal. Baby personalized gifts can have in it the babies’ initials or the entire baby name. Some of the items that can be personalized include Clothing, jewelry, blankets and diaper bags.

When selecting the best gift, it is important you are aware of the cat that there are various options to consider, baby modeling is somewhat popular with proud parents. Gift packages can be acquired at a chain or local portrait studios. Baby pictures can easily be shared with family and friends through social media websites, email and through traditional portraits. If you want to tote the baby and all of the babies’ belongings, it is advised that you opt for a baby gear. Look out for bags of varying sizes that have different compartments and pockets for bottles, diapers, and an extra set of clothing. Car seats, Strollers, and playpens can assist in keeping your baby safe when you are traveling both outside and inside the house. The best baby gear in the market is stylish and functional.

Furthermore, it is important that you ensure that an excellent designed greeting card in includes, most times baby shower cards along with birthday cards and newborn cards reserved as keepsakes.

Your Kik Experience Improves With the KIK Friends Finder

If you re one among those individuals that are in search of new Kik friend, it is important to keep you aware of the fact that you are at ghee right web page. Right before we unveil to you the ways with which you can go about using the Kik friends finder, it is only right that you are given a brief background on the Messenger. Kik messenger is one of the popular or if not the most popular messaging application in the world, statistics have it that it is very popular in North America. The app is compatible on most iOS, windows phone, and Android operating systems and it the service is free of charge. Kik Interactive developed Kik messenger, this is a company that was established in 2009 by a certain group of students from the University of Waterloo in Canada that intended on creating modern technologies for use on mobile smartphones.

Unlike other messaging applications like Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp etc., Kik is unique in one area, which is anonymity. To register for Kik, you do not necessarily have to divulge all your personal information like your phone number; it requires just your last name, first name, date of birth and e-mail address. It is important that you above the age of 13 if you intend on using this service. The messenger offer user to choose a username also. As of now, statistics have it that Kik messenger has over 275 million users and the numbers are still counting. Kik Messenger is fashioned after Blackberry Messenger.


If you are new to the Kik community and you do not have any friends to talk to, since none of your friends or family sings the app yet, finding a friend is not as difficult as rocket science, perhaps it is very easy. Similar to other messaging application out there, Kik relies more on Social interaction, so it is very important that you know to find your friends or in this case new friends. Kik chats are on the foundation of usernames, which implies that searching by real names will be very tedious. You can search using your friend’s username or by using the address book matching feature. Nonetheless, there are other services out there that can be employed to find new friends such as the Kik friends finder.

Swegway UK: A Close Look at the 7-Inch Hoverboard

The self-balancing scooter is more of an electrically powered board that allows the speed and direction controlled by the driver using touch-sensitive foot pedals. For instance, when you lean forward on the Swegway UK, the board will accelerate and if you leaning backward, it will slow down. You can turn the board by the amount of pressure applied to each foot pedal – when the driver put much pressure on one foot on the board, the board gets to turn. The tilt sensors incorporated into the board function as a balancing syste4m, that allows the driver maintain some form of balance whilst leaning forward and transiting at speed.

The 7-inch hoverboard is smaller, lighter and best suited to be used indoor compared to the 10-inch counterpart. Nonetheless, the 10-inch board is far superior when riding over difficult and complicated terrains such as grass as the inflatable rubber tires have a better grip and they are a lot more durable. This guide discusses the difference between the two boards and it further highlights which one you should opt for whilst considering your needs and requirement.

The 7-Inch self-balancing scooter has hard tires incorporated in it that measure about 6.5 inches in diameter. These tires, without doubt, are the best bet for riding over the smooth indoor surface and they can easily maneuver tight pivots and turns on the spot. This is an ideal choice for driver s that look forward to performing spins and tricks and the light board can easily be controlled and maneuvered. The tires can easily driver over grass but the board will not attain its maximum speed of 7 mph on rough or hard terrains and you will feel bumps while you are riding on such.

The battery life of the 7-inch board is excellent – you are expected to ride for about 4 to 5 hours when it is fully charged and you are expected to travel about 12 to 15 km. It is weighed at about 10kg, thus owing to its sturdiness and solid structure. On the other hand, if you intend on carrying your Swegway UK for extended periods, then we advise that you acquire a carry case for your board.

Guidelines for Choosing the Best Pocket Radio

Regardless of the advancement in the technology or portable media players, a percentage of individuals still prefer the simple pocket radio, Compact AM/FM tuners allow users to catch up with their favorite radio program anywhere. The size may vary, but all pocket radios are generally portable. Owing to the fact that they run on battery power, they can even be relied on during a power outage. Price often depends on the available features and the design concept. These factors actually differ between models and brands. Integrated portable devices off consumers an AM/FM amongst other functionalities.

It is advice to buyers that they become much more aware of pocket radio features before they head out to acquire one. This will be of assistance when they are deciding which model is right to meet with their needs. The best approach most times is to determine where and how the radio will be used. Then the consumer can choose their choice of radio based on intended use. Certain product aspects, such as color can be left for personal preference. Pocket Radios can be found in various department stores. Shops that specialize in electronics often carry them, as also do some sporting goods stores. Online auctions sites like eBay are likely to have various listings of pocket radios.

Exploring Pocket Radio Options

It is without a doubt that consumers will find various pocket radio models and brands in the market. Certain features are standard on the majority of the Pocket radios. However, some analog pocket radio designs are still in existence, the majority of the pocket radios offer digital tuning. With a pocket digital radio, you are guaranteed a digital display of the station information. The backlight will make it easier for you to use your radio in the dark. The light might remain on or perhaps can be switched off when the adjustment has been made, depending on the model. Unlike analog radios, the majority of the digital pocket radios allow users to have a number of radio stations on preset. It is conventional for all pocket radio to have a notable difference in size and shape, thus allowing for a number of variations on the initial idea.

Louis Vuitton Bags on Sale Cheap: How to Tell If a Louis Vuitton Bag Is Authentic or a Fake

There are different techniques with which you can employ to spot a fake or authentic Louis Vuitton bag. The individuals that sell these fake products seem to be so careless with the details that they even leave clues for you to uncover that they are in the business of fake Louis Vuitton bags. These simple principles can be employed when purchasing from Louis Vuitton bags on sale cheap from sellers.

The Tag – This is among the things that you should pay close attention to, make sure the Louis Vuitton bag does not have a blue number printed on it. In addition, make sure there is no presence of the blue number on the bag. Retailers seem to ignore this and they leave these labels on, as they believe this will show some sort of authenticity for the bag. If perchance you stumble upon one of these, kindly steer away from the seller, retailer or store.

The Packaging – Other than the bag not having a printed number on the tag, there is an additional means with which you can tell if the bag you intend on buying is nothing but a fake or if it is an authentic piece. Loom out for the plastic used to design the handle. For new bag designs, there is a protective plastic around the handles, but most resale products are not. The plastic must not be present if a bag has been used or if it was for the exhibition. It is important for you to ensure that you are misled, Louis Vuitton wholesale does not exist anywhere. Ensure you are aware of where your seller or retailer gets their product from if the handles still have plastic on.

The Price – On one of the ways that you can identify if a buy is fake or not is by estimating its worth. It is very easy; all that is required is you having knowledge of if there is a fifty percent (50%) price reduction of the same bag at a Louis Vuitton retailer. LV does not sell and has never sold products in wholesale.

Best Wifi Routers: What to Look out for When Making a Choice

It is not news that the more you are ready to invest in a wireless router equals the fact that you get more features. Most wireless router software offers few benefits over the others. It is very important that you put all these factors into consideration when you want to buy a wireless router. Here are the main features and functionalities that you should look out for in the best wifi routers.

Single or Dual Band:

There are two types of wireless routers in the market; there is the one whose communication is over a single radio band while the other communicates over two radio bands. Single-band routers are ideal for activities like surfing the internet and connecting to social network services like Twitter and Facebook. Nonetheless, if you intend on streaming videos from services like HBO, Netflix, etc. or if on the other hand, you intend on connecting to an online gaming network such as Steam, Xbox Live etc. it is recommended that you opt for a Dual band router.

Wireless Protocols:

Wireless networks employ 802.11 protocols for receiving and sending data packets. Devices that make use of the older 802.11g and 802.11b standards are constricted to transferring data at a rate of 54Mbps and 11Mbps respectively. They operate strictly on the 2.4 GHz band.


It is important you are aware of the fact that it all depends on the price tag on what features come with the router of your choice. When you buy a wireless router, it is important you ensure that it comes with at least four 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet ports, thus allowing you to connect wired devices such as Network-attached storage (NAS), desktop PCs and home automation hubs.

Finally, the factor you should consider is the security and it is without a doubt that all routers offer some sort of security service. The more you want to spend the better security you get. Routers with WPA-Enterprise security offer an excellent level of security compared to WPA/WPA2, however, they require a Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) server to have each client authenticated.

Why You Absolutely Need To Get the Best Wireless Routers

Nowadays, lots of devices including varieties of appliances are connected in our homes. There are numerous varieties of smartphones, home products and other mobile devices available in the marketplace, and due to this, it is essential to connect them together and that is why you need to acquire the best wireless routers for home or business use especially the one with high capacity to handle numerous tasks and to also meet the increased demand for internet connection.

However, it is quite challenging to select a suitable wireless router. There are several factors that you need to take into consideration before you shop for one. One of the most important factors to consider when buying a router is the coverage area. Routers come with different ranges and capacities, so it is wise to select the router that suits your needs and requirements. Other factors that you need to consider in the best wireless routers include the total number of people that will be connected and the kind of devices that will be linked to the router.

Best WiFi Router Used For General Purpose:

TP-Link Archer C7 AC1750 Wireless Router

The New York Times christened this router “the best router for most people” and they got it right. The exciting feature of this router is that it is very affordable and it still offers varying specs for personal or business use. The 2.4GHz band offers speeds up to 450Mbps, while the 5GHz band sped up to 1,300Mbps.

The router also comes with dual USB ports that give you different connectivity option for printing or sharing, while the Guest Network features allow you install the walls for security purposes. It offers Internet access through ADSL service and generates a wired sharing network. Additionally, the live parental controls give parents, guardians or administrators access to control and regulate the features of the router and determine the coverage range of the children or staff. It also includes IP QoS features for the enhancement of bandwidth control within the network. Endeavour to consider the factors highlighted above and make an informed decision.

Best Heat Press Machine for Small Business

If you wish to engage in t-shirt business, it is a must to acquire a t-shirt press machine and a vinyl cutting machine. Fortunately, due to the recent advancement in technology, the best heat press machines used for small business can be used for numerous varieties of application aside from being used for the design of t-shirt. This opens a window of opportunities for artists and people in the business. Click here for a comprehensive review of heat presses.

Heat Press Machine Basics

A heat press is used for the printing of templates or designs from some variety of substrate onto clothing such as bags, t-shirts, hoodies, socks, etc., through the application of heat for a short period. It is ideal for the production of customized gifts or products. Another exciting feature is that units like the temperature and time can be quickly set to the right value using a computer interface.

Numerous varieties of substrates can be used, and this depends on your project’s needs. For instance heat transfer vinyl, heat transfer paper, embroidered patches or rhinestone. Heat presses are sometimes used together with a vinyl cutter or die-cutting machine. Vinyl cutter comes with software that is used imprint a design on a t-shirt via the heat press.


The PowerPress model is one of the widely used t-shirt press machines for starters.  This clamshell model heat press is suitable for most applications such as imprinting letters, designs, numbers, and patterns on varieties of fabrics like bags, a t-shirt, ceramic tiles, jigsaw puzzles etc.

Designed with robust features to last for a couple of years and can handle several fabrics in a short time after getting used to the task. In short, you will get the value for your money.

However, to choose the best heat press machine, it depends on your personal needs, goals, and preferences. One of the most important features is the temperature and the size of the plates. Some additional features are incorporated on heat presses, but they come at a higher price rate, but it is not strictly recommended for starters that are still getting acquainted with the heat press machine.